My Philosophy


“Know thyself” is an age-long axiom and an essential element in spiritual and psychological evolution of every woman and man. I specialize in creating environment and atmosphere wherein you are encouraged to explore yourself through nurturing as well as potentially new and unconventional drives, fantasies and curiosities in a safe, uninhibited environment. Living in a society where free sexual expression is suppressed by biased and judgmental attitudes can activate concerns and fears relative to our sexuality and intimacy, as well as to our innermost being. Setting oneself free from programming of unenlightened mindsets and ignorant perspectives is essential in living a free, uninhibited life pervaded with joys of self-exploration and self-expression. 







































My aim is to help initiate waves of physical and mental liberation within an individual as well as to encourage the pursuit of self-realization. Increasing our self-awareness, developing a healthy mindset of self-acceptance and giving oneself permission to live liberally will inevitably lead to a more fulfilling life and a more gratifying experience.I strive to contribute toward a more tolerant, peaceful and progressive society by teaching and emphasizing the following points:

1. Sexuality and sensuality are healthy and natural aspects of human nature that should be nurtured and developed as instruments of love and affection.


2. Uninhibited exploration of one’s being through physical and emotional needs can invariably lead to deep healing and a greater dimension of self-understanding.


3. Harboring open-minded, compassionate and non-judgmental attitude toward oneself and one’s desires, dreams, fantasies and curiosities can result in establishing a nurturing intimate relationship with oneself, which in turn sets the stage for deepening of intimate relationships with others.


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