Multi-Goddess Dynamic


What could be better than bliss!?


If anything – it’s double the bliss! The three-person dynamic featuring you with two Goddesses, or with a God and a Goddess, is a wonderful opportunity to partake in a celebration of life’s luxury – the type of wealth that comes from combining and sharing our inner joyful energies, multiplying them manifold! Experience the enchantment of the Muses as our fingertips electrify your body and our sparkling charisma invigorates your mind.


Let us rejoice with the power of three for the gifts of Life, Love, Liberty and Light - all of which lie inherently deep within us.


I currently offer sessions with Christina O, Nuit, Kaja, Sophia and Charlotte.


Please inquire with me regarding the offering for Multi-Goddess Dynamic.

The offering will depend on who our joining Goddess/God is.