Meeting of the Moon & Stars



The emphasis in this session is to induce deep healing relaxation, guide the mind to rest in the present moment, and give rise to body-surrender through gentle practices and loving touch in a sweet vanilla approach. We partake in eye gazing, delightful smiles and nurturing caresses, thus arising harmonious and trusting atmosphere where we can blissfully dwell together. The time slows down, all is suspended as we explore macrocosm within each other and recognize our inherent interconnectedness. Energies intertwine as the warmth of my body penetrates yours in the moments of skillful healing touch - deep, deliberate and subduing. Your fiery energy arises from within like a waking dragon, with its hot breath enveloping the entirety of your being. Immediately we are transported in spirit to a place within ourselves, which we formed together with our loving intentions and deep mutual respect.





      1 hr – $300                          1.5 hrs – $450                          2 hrs - $550