About Akasha

My name is Akasha Babalon - a pseudonym first bestowed upon me by my original sacred sexuality teacher Chandra Devi. Akasha is a Sanskrit word for the element of space/aether. It also symbolizes deep space and the all-encompassing, all-permeating vastness of the Macrocosm. My qualities of open heartedness, open-mindedness and limitless creative spirit are all well symbolized by my first name.

Babalon  is a Western Hermetic Goddess whose earthly incarnation manifests as the Scarlet Woman, a free, uninhibited, bold, powerful and sexually empowered woman and a modern embodiment of the Eastern Shakti. You will find these qualities deeply reflected in my own character.


I have been practicing my current professional endeavor since 2005. It has been a wonderful and adventurous journey of learning, growth and self-transformation. My approach to sensuality, sexuality and spirituality took on a great many forms over the course of the years culminating in expanded awareness and better understanding of my mind, minds of others, and of human nature in general. In my approach, I always strive to grow further and expand limits of my knowledge and understanding for the purpose of being the best that I can be as a Muse, Goddess, Dakini, and overall a force of active and positive change in the lives of those who visit my Temple.

Holding Bachelor and Masters degrees, I am well-educated and further advancing my intellectual pursuits by engaging in various educational programs that spark my interest. I am a martial arts practitioner and a certified Yoga teacher grounded in the knowledge of Eastern philosophy and psychology, and various spiritual traditions including Buddhist and Hindu Tantra, Yoga tradition, and Western Hermeticism. These subjects are some of my favorite themes of discussion.

My approach to life is that of always seeking to answer the question of why we are here and where we are headed next. In my worldview, this is the single most important mystery that we, as individuals, must strive to unlock. I do not consider myself to be a materialistic person and value the inner qualities of good heart, genuineness, truthfulness, discipline and wisdom above all else. All material things are impermanent, but what remains are precisely those things which are invisible to the eye, but which we have cultivated by choosing how to live and treat others.

“I am not suited to polite society
To social striving, upward mobility,
and making good impressions.
I am radically honest, sensitive, brilliant, and blunt.
I hold up a mirror to the best
and worst facets of human life.”
~ Vajrayogini ~

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